Minutes for December 2023

Board Members Present:

John Howsden, Adam Robertson, Curt Simmons, Mark Anderson, Marty DeMartini. 
The meeting was called to order at 6:07 p.m.

Approval of 11/2/23 board meeting minutes.

Marty questioned whether the minutes should have included a vote on the purchase of road base for the Choctaw repair. The response was that Mark reported that the existing Policy and Procedure Manual states that purchases under $2000 can be completed without a formal vote. The board applied that policy to the purchase of the road base. Adam moved approval of the minutes. Mark seconded. The vote was 4 ayes and 1 abstention (Curt Simmons had not received emailed minutes).

Officers’ Reports


John followed up on getting a credit card for Rocky Road, but the bank would only issue one to him personally. He decided not to do that. Discussion with the board resulted in a recommendation to check into getting a corporate credit card. He will have more information at the next meeting. John received a Certificate of Liability Insurance for Foothill Sierra Pest Control. No action needed. John presented an email that Rocky Road received in March of 2023 from Calaveras County Public Works permit technician which defines the district’s maintained right-of-way as follows: “The 60’ road easement would be the road district’s maintained right-of-way. The road easement is measured using the surveyor markers or property pins, starting at one property pin then measuring across the roadway 60’.  


John presented the following figures: Total $813,901.61 773.93 Grand Total $814,675.54  

Secretary/Tech Support:

Adam will sign up Curt and Gretchen for CSDA access. He will get Curt’s Rocky Road email activated. Discussion about whether to continue Zoom membership took place. It was decided to discontinue as there have only been a couple of members that signed on over a 2-year period.

New Business:

Adjournment 7:28 p.m.