Minutes for March 2023

Executive Meeting Called to order at 4:30 pm by Chris Doran

Present at Meeting:

Various upcoming topics discussed

Meeting adjourned at 5:30pm


Open Meeting Called to order at 6:05pm by Chris Doran


Present at Meeting:

Nominate Patrick Toepel as new board member and swear in Marty and Pat

Old Business

February Minutes approval


  • $49,756.45  savings
  • $268,605 checking
  • $470,320.64  money market

Yearly Audit

  • Larry Bain has been hired to complete the audit for 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022.
  • Paperwork has been sent to Larry and the work has started

Signs and Paving Update

  • the stop signs and pothole work has been completed

Board Training

  • Chris, John and Adam have completed Ethics  and Sexual Harassment Prevention training courses

Copper Fire Department Update

  • Chris has contacted the Copper Fire Department about inspecting the Rocky Road areas for fire safety

Open Forum #1

  • A member commented that the new stop signs are much more visible than the old one
  • A member mentioned that the speed-limit sign on Cheyenne and Copper Cove is missing

New Business

AB 557

  • Chris made a motion that the Rocky Road Board is in support of AB 557 extension
    • John seconded the motion
    • All voted in favor 5/0

Online Banking

  • Chris and John have been working towards an online account for banking. The process should be completed soon

Approval of new Treasurer

  • Chris made a motion to approve Pat Toepel as the new Rocky Road Treasurer
    • John seconded the motion
    • All vote in favor 5/0

CLASS Investment

  • Website: https://californiaclass.com/
  • California CLASS is a Joint Powers Authority investment pool that provides public agencies the opportunity to invest funds on a cooperative basis in rated pools that are managed in accordance with state law with the primary objectives of offering Participants maximum safety, daily and next-day liquidity, and optimized returns.
  • Chris made a motion to pursue adding funds to CLASS
    • Pat seconds the motion
    • All vote in favor 5/0

Board Progress and Updates

  • Audits are overdue but are being worked on to bring the Rocky Road District into compliance
  • Weed Abatement has been completed
  • Signs and potholes have been worked on

Open Forum #2

  • A member brought up that investing Rocky Road money would take funds away from projects that need to be completed
    • Chris replied that some money should be set aside for emergency funds, but understands that the money is meant to be distributed for projects
  • A member asked if it would be possible to secure some state funds for future projects
  • A member suggested having an assessment and engineering plan done for road improvements
  • A member suggested using some of the asphalt crumbles piled alongside Copper Cove Drive  to reinforce some of the roads in Rocky Road district
  • A discussion ensued about road work and improvements

Meeting adjourned at 7:30pm